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Hearing Loss

There can be a wide range of medical and neurological conditions that can also cause hearing loss. Investigations for hearing loss include ear scans, blood tests and genetic tests. Sometimes hearing loss can be related to other medical conditions.

Have your hearing loss investigated by a experienced specialist medical doctor.

Hearing Loss
Dizziness Vertigo

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Dizziness or vertigo is a symptom and may be due to malfunction of the inner ear balance (vestibular) organs. Vertigo or dizziness may also be a feature of other medical, heart (cardiological) or brain (neurological) problems.

Have you had your symptoms investigated by a suitably qualified medical doctor?

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Tinnitus can be one of the earliest signs of hearing loss. There are also a multitude of medical, ENT and neurological causes such as Meniere’s disease or tumours. Tinnitus can be constant or pulsatile. Appropriate medical investigations are required to accurately diagnose tinnitus.

See a medical doctor for appropriate further investigation!


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Specialists in Audiovestibular Medicine

Audiovestibular Medicine is a world-unique medical speciality dealing with hearing, tinnitus and balance disorders especially dizziness

Unique & World Renowned Specialists

The United Kingdom is known internationally for the quality of its healthcare.

Audiovestibular medicine is a unique speciality pioneered in the UK, advancing the long neglected medical treatment of hearing disorders and dizziness

Medical Doctors of Hearing and Balance

Doctors specialising in the medical (non-surgical) evidence based management of hearing, tinnitus  and balance disorders

As with any other medical complaint, hearing and balance disorders need to be appropriately investigated by a specialist doctor


What People are Saying

What is Audiovestibular Medicine?

Audiovestibular Medicine (AVM) is a medical speciality under the Royal College of Physicians concerned with the diagnosis and management of hearing, tinnitus and balance (vertigo & dizziness) problems both in adult and paediatric (children) patients.

An Audiovestibular Physician (AVP) is a medical doctor who specialises in Audiovestibular Medicine.

What experience do Audiovestibular physicians have in managing hearing, tinnitus, dizziness and vertigo?

Hearing & Balance problems is all they do. A full time consultant sees over 1000 patients a year – A huge amount of experience! They offer expertise in vertigo, tinnitus, hearing & dizziness.

Audiovestibular Physicians spend atleast 5 years training specifically on hearing and balance disorders, in addition to the many years of general medical &/or ENT training.


Are We ENT?

NO – Audiovestibular Physicians work closely alongside our ENT Surgical Colleagues to provide high quality integrated care to patients.

Many have had some ENT training in the past but are not surgeons or do not perform any surgical procedures instead solely focussing on hearing and balance disorders and their medical management.

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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is a public body of the Department of Health and Social Care established to regulate and inspect health and social care services in England.

CQC registration is a marker for standards of care. It is a mandatory requirement of all organisations which provide vestibular care or diagnostics.

Harley Street Audiovestibular Clinic is fully registered and compliant with all the stringent CQC requirements, ensuring you care is in the best possible hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I make an appointment at Harley Street AVM?

If you are experiencing 1 or more of the following symptoms you should make an appointment to see the experts at Harley Street AVM:

  • Chronic dizziness
  • A feeling of imbalance and/or spatial disorientation
  • Vertigo or a sense that things are spinning
  • Persistent tinnitus
  • Nausea for no discernible reason
  • Motion sickness
  • Hearing loss
  • Trouble concentrating
Why do I feel dizzy all the time?

Dizziness can be a vexing thing to live with and there are many potential causes. Dizziness can be the result of dysfunction of your inner ears or in your brain’s ability to calculate where you are in relation to your surroundings. It can also be due to other medical conditions affecting other parts of your body and hence a full medical assessment is important. 

What do my ears have to do with balance?

Your brain calculates where you are in space in relation to your surroundings and then sends signals to your various muscles that activate as necessary to keep you upright. A lot of the data the brain uses to calculate your position comes from the ears. Your inner ear is not just for sounds – they are important for balance too bysignals generated by the vestibular labyrinth located in the inner ear. This is why vestibular therapy tends to focus on the ear as much as it does.

Do my eyes affect my balance?

They certainly do. In order to locate you accurately in space your brain relies on visual input as much as aural input (from your ears). Your inner ears are also closely connected to your eyes. Therefore, during your examination at Harley Street AVM, we will typically check your eye movements as well as your ears.