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Wax Removal

Ear wax is a completely natural and normal thing. It plays an important role in maintaining the health of our ears and is known to have antibacterial properties that act as a line of defence between the outside world and the delicate workings of the inner ear. It also stops dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants from reaching the inner ear and possibly causing problems. Sometimes, however, too much ear wax will accumulate, requiring people to seek help in the form of professional wax removal.

Ear wax – scientific name “cerumen” – is secreted by glands in the outer portion of the ear canal. Most of the time it is expelled naturally from the ear and no intervention is required. In some instances, however, it can bunch up inside the ear creating a blockage that causes hearing loss, earaches, tinnitus, dizziness, and various other problems. When that happens, it is time to call the experts at Harley Street AVM and make an appointment for wax removal.

How Ear Wax is Removed

The process of wax removal seems on the surface to be very straightforward. But because of the delicate nature of the inner ear, it is crucial that you only let highly-trained professionals get anywhere near your ear.  At Harley Street Audiovestibular Clinic, we offer microsuction by highly trained medical professionals who have done this procedure thousands of times.

Effective Wax Removal

What You Can Expect During Your Visit to Harley Street AVM

When you come to Harley Street AVM for wax removal your visit will unfold in the following manner:

1: The clinician will ask about your medical history particularly as it relates to your ears.

2: There will be a preliminary exam of your ears to ensure the problem is ear wax.

3: The microsuction will be explained and your questions answered.

4: The procedure itself takes less than 10 minutes, though manual curetting may take longer.

5: Once the wax is removed there is a post-removal examination of the ears to verify success.

6. If required, our team can also offer post microsuction hearing test and hearing assessment.

Call Harley Street AVM for today on 020 3480 9630 and make an appointment for professional wax removal.


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