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If you suffer from middle ear myoclonus (MEM) it’s time to make an appointment with the experts at Harley Street AVM. Middle ear myoclonus is commonly attributed to repetitive contractions of the tensor tympani and stapedius muscles located in the inner ear. The most common symptom of the condition is tinnitus (ringing in the ear) typically accompanied by a clicking noise that may be audible to outside listeners. Harley Street AVM offer expert middle ear myoclonus treatment in Harley Street, London that can help relieve symptoms of this rare condition.

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Clinical studies have yet to pin down the precise cause of middle ear myoclonus but contributing factors are believed to include anxiety and depression. In addition, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis (MS), abnormally shaped blood vessels in the ear and vascular tumours are also believed to be possible causes of the condition.

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Middle Ear Myoclonus Treatment in Harley Street, London

As always the first step in effective treatment of any condition is effective diagnosis. In the case of middle ear myoclonus diagnosis may require an inner ear examination along with a hearing test and other diagnostic processes. If a diagnosis of MEM is made treatment can commence.

The exact treatment regimen will vary from person to person due to different causal factors and whether or not they are currently undergoing treatment for other conditions. In a typical patient with no other ongoing health problems, medications can be prescribed to treat the condition and associated factors such as anxiety. 

In some other cases, botulinum toxin may be used to mitigate muscle spasm activity within the ear, thereby providing a level of relief from symptoms. Whether it is locally applied or injected is a decision that will be made by the Harley Street AVM expert at the time of treatment.

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Middle ear myoclonus can cause significant disruption to a person’s perception of the world. While the exact causes are not well-defined, treatment options are available that can help minimize MEM’s impact on a person’s daily life. To book an appointment at Harley Street AVM call 020 3480 9630 or write to us at: info@harleyavm.com.


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