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What Are Audiological Tests?

Hearing or audiological tests help to determine the level of your hearing as well as middle ear, cochlear and auditory nerve function. They are simple physiological tests which can be performed in our clinic without any significant additional measures. You can go home straight after the test and there are no known adverse effects, although some sounds that are used can be transiently loud. Tests can be something which require your active input (subjective), or objective (not requiring any active input from the patient).

Preparing For The Test

Ensure that your ears are clear of wax prior to your test appointment. This can be done via microsuction at any reputable clinic, or the application of sodium bicarbonate drops (obtained from any pharmacy) for 2 weeks twice daily.

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Harley Street Audiovestibular Clinic is a CQC regulated service, providing evidence based, high-quality, medical consultant physician-led service.

We offer consultation and clinical assessment, aided and supplemented by high-quality, state-of-the-art audiological and vestibular diagnostics, delivered by an expert team.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are audiological tests?

“Audiological tests” are a range of simple, low-impact tests designed to assess your ear hearing function. One of them is a standard hearing test which will gauge your ability to hear sound across a range of frequencies from high to low and in between. Other tests include tests of how well the bones in your middle ear work (ossicles), the pressure in your middle ear, how well your ear drum is working. One of the specialist tests we perform at Harley AVM is tests of your cochlea (inner ear hearing organ) hair cell function, which may show early evidence of hearing deterioration even before you’re hearing test know as “Hidden Hearing Loss”. You may also be tested on your ability to hear speech as part of audiological tests..

When should I get my hearing tested?

If you feel you are no longer hearing as well as you did before, or you are struggling to discern individual voices in a crowded room, or you need to turn the volume on the TV up higher than you used to, it is a good idea to get your hearing tested. If you need a hearing aid, the sooner you get one the better.

Do audiological tests in London take a long time?

Most people are in and out of our clinic in about an hour. The test itself typically takes about 30 minutes but you should allow extra time to prepare for the test and to discuss the results with the Audiologist afterward. If required, you can also consult our Audiovestiular Physicians, who are medical doctors of hearing and balance for further consultation and investigation of why you have a hearing loss.

Is it possible to lose hearing on one side only?

Hearing loss on one side has many possible causes. It could be something as simple as excessive wax buildup in the affected ear. Or it may be the result of trauma or injury, or perhaps the result of sensorineural or even mechanical issues within the ear itself. Rarely, one sided hearing loss can be due to tumours of the brain and hence it is vital to have this symptom investigated as soon as possible by a medical doctor. 

Will I need a hearing aid?

It depends entirely on the results of the audiology test. If the Audiologist from Harley St AVM deems it necessary, they will recommend a hearing aid and answer any questions you may have about the device. You can get these via the NHS. Or, if you wish, you can purchase the latest, most up to date model of hearing aid privately via our specialist audiologist at our clinic The latest hearing aids have come a long way, are much smaller and incorporate the latest advances of technology enabling you to connect with your mobile phone and computer.

Are there ways to prevent hearing loss?

If your work exposes you to loud noise levels, you should wear hearing protection at all times. Loud music is another common cause of hearing loss and should be avoided. Also, it is never a good idea to stick cotton swabs in your ear as they may do more harm than good.

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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is a public body of the Department of Health and Social Care established to regulate and inspect health and social care services in England.

CQC registration is a marker for standards of care. It is a mandatory requirement of all organisations which provide vestibular care or diagnostics.

Harley Street Audiovestibular Clinic is fully registered and compliant with all the stringent CQC requirements, ensuring you care is in the best possible hands.